Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Snails pace forward..

So its been a slow start but were really actually getting somewhere this week. We are weeks behind and the first week of the curriculums were using are all rather boring but necessary to get started. So we are doing our best and making each project as interesting as possible. Today we caught up on our DRAW WRITE NOW assignments as well as Maps and Globes and Living World Encyclopedia. I am going to get my teens to put together our passport so I will have it ready to "board the plane on Monday. And tomorrow we are making our paper mache' globe which I am really excited about. He still isn't "into" school but since he has been doing so well health wise I really I really want to get on target while we can.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Worksheets and Meltdowns

So we are finally starting school around here. Not full lessons but some placement tests and math worksheets. Really slow and easy start..or so I thought. So far Phoenix has found this all extremely stressful and spent half his morning crying over three math sheets. To know his personality its obvious its not him trying to get out of work but that he truly feels stress by the slightest change in routine and my way of teaching just doesn't match up with what he expected. So today we compromised and have decided only two pages of math a day until he gets used to it and if he can't get used to it we would try another program. Maybe SOS as its probably more his speed for math. I really wasn't prepared for meltdowns so early on. And we haven't even started our "trip around the world" yet. God please grant me patience as were in for a LONG RIDE.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Always Preparing, Never Prepared

So its been a while now since we decided to homeschool Phoenix and I have let the school know although we haven't officially pulled him out yet. I have been trying to find all of our curriculum but as of yet I have only found fractions of pieces of most things however I have found the complete MFW ECC along with Primary language lessons, Math Mammoth, and a selection of Queens Homeschool books and resources from the other Geography curriculums I had purchased. Definitely enough to get started with school. Phoenix is doing really well health wise this week and had it not been for a million issues from no working sinks in the house and the fact that the school room is still TRASHED we would probably be ready to go. My goal is to be up and running by Monday.

In the meantime in addition to getting his room setup and a clean quiet place for him to learn I also need to get my lesson plans drafted. Finding time for all of this is really hard and has me a little scared. And on top of that we have a procedure coming up where he will be under anesthesia and have cameras inserted both ways to check for Crohn's and intestinal issues.

I know this blog is going to haunt me for its shortness and incompleteness but I wanted to get this update out there and Request for prayers spread.

Now off to work..

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A new start..

It has been forever since I have been on here. It seems the move and divorce took a lot out of me and a lot of changes have taken place in our world. In the past year and a half we have managed to stay afloat during three job changes, one child moving out, a new child moving in and countless hurdles we have crossed. Now were facing another hurdle but God is good and we were far more prepared for this one....

So all the kids have been in public school since we moved here. And Honestly I have no complaints. The schools here are really good and the teachers and staff have been great. So I have put homeschool in the back of my mind. But over the past few months Phoenix has been missing more and more school due to his intestinal issues and migraines. Now its getting to the point between specialist appointments and flareups he is almost never able to go to school. At the same time this started I started a new job working at home on a night shift doing customer service for a major video game company. Its like God was saying look I gave you the way now do it! So now we are preparing to bring Phoenix and probably Gryphen home again. We are clearing out and decorating the room across from my office for a school room, searching out all the curriculum I so lovingly chose and making sure we order any updates needed for their current ages. And hope to be able to start schooling within the next month. I have to be 100% ready as working at home and being the only adult in my house is going to be a lot different than all the years I homeschooled while married and at home. But its definitely what we need to do...

So the plan is to use Winters Promise Adventures in Sea and Sky and Children of the World...since I have so many excellent curriculums I am going to do a lot of combining on Children of the World...using Galloping the Globe and Exploring Countries and Cultures to turn it into a two or even three year Geography program. I am so blessed and i believe the only things I am going to need to buy is new language arts and spelling books from Queen's homeschool catalog.

If anyone out there reads this I do need some help. First I need TONS of prayers. I am more scared of this endeavor than of the nine years I spent homeschooling the older kids combined!!!
Also I deleted all the blogs I loved and followed. I am looking for inspirational blogs, especially ones that use our same curriculums.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Update and Changes

Just wanted to let people know I am still alive and kicking. The move has taken so much out of me and the family as a whole and summer has been pretty rough. I think this fall it is going to be me homeschooling and not the children. They will be trying out the local schools. It was a hard decision and one I am not truly happy with but at this point it seems like my best option. I need to finish my transcription program and the boys are not getting from me what they need. So we will be giving school here a try and seeing what happens. This blog will most likely become more about my transcription journey and just a general family blog but this next week I am having to have a hysterectomy so it will be a few weeks before I get started on anything.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and I ask that you keep us in your prayers while we continue this new life journey.